Wanna have Travelopolis merch in your next swag bag? Learn how you get custom passport holders for your next event.

Why we started wholesaling

As an avid traveler, I was over the "Catch Flight, Not Feelings" phrase. I believe travelers deserve more than tees with cliche phrases. We deserve travel accessories that speak to our travel experiences. So, I created passport holders for women who are bosses traveling to London for speaking engagements to girls turning up in Jamaica with their besties.


Now, I want to help travel professionals and event planners like you to create passport holders that your customers will LOVE. So, we decided to create a wholesale sector of our company to supply quality travel accessories at wholesale price with a low minimum order quantity. 

why work with us

  • All of our passport holders are made with high-quality vegan leather and adhesive vinyl for a lasting product

  • Get wholesale pricing on orders with as little as 25 units

  • Onsite design staff for custom orders

  • Reliable turn around times

  • Quick and easy system to get your order

  • Orders delivered to your office or warehouse between 40-90 days (depending on the quantity) 

  • We only use quality packing to ensure your package arrives in excellent condition

Wholesale pricing and fulfillment 

Please download our Wholesale Pricing Chart to get pricing and fulfillment information.

Our 3 Step order process

Step 1: Submit a Wholesale Form

To start the ordering process, you must submit and a wholesale order form. Once your wholesale order form is received, we will review it and get back with you in 3-5 working days. 

Step 2: Order call

One of our representatives will schedule a call with you to review your order and discuss your next steps. If you request a sample order, payment will be required over the phone. All sample orders are $30 (including shipping). Your sample will be shipped within 72 hours. After your sample has arrived, we will follow up with you to get your feedback and move forward with your wholesale order. A 50% deposit and a signed contract will be required within 24 hours of your approval. 

Need help designing your passport holder?

We help our clients design their passport holders with ease. Our design fee of $200 must be paid during our order call. Your design will be ready within 10 working days. We will email you the designs. Once you approved the design, A 50% deposit and a signed contract will be required within 24 hours of your approval. 

Step 3: Fulfill order

Once the deposit is made, we will fulfill your order in the time frame we agreed on. Once the order is ready to be shipped, the remaining balance must be paid. Your order won't be shipped until the balance is paid.

Step 4: Your order shipped.

After the balance is paid, we will ship your order via USPS and provide you with a tracking number so you can monitor your delivery.


Can I customize the passport holders?

Of course! We welcome front cover designs. You can choose your own design or we can hire our design studio to create your passport holder design. 

What's the minimum order quantity?

25 units


Is shipping included in the price?

No, shipping is an additional charge

What shipping company do you work with?

We use USPS to ship our orders. 

When are shipping costs calculated?

Shipping is calculated based on the number of passport holders and the destination. For accurate shipping pricing, the shipping costs are calculated and presented during our order call. 

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