What happened to Khonsu Travel?

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Travelopolis is more than a name.. It is a complete mindset shift.

"I spent my first 4 years in business trying to be like other people, seeking approval, mentally beating myself up, doubting my capabilities and sitting in a pool of my self pity as a result." - Kemi Oshimokun

When I started my travel business, formally known as Khonsu Travel, I didn't know what I was doing or what I wanted out of it. I was 19ish, working 60-70 hours a week as a CNA, and just came back from living in Morocco. I thought I'll make a few bucks and see what happened. That year I made around $500 in sales. My second and third year, I took my business more seriously and made more money. It was great. But in the back of my mind I was always comparing myself to people who were more successful than me and doubting everything I did. When I had these thoughts (which occurred more often than I would like to admit) I would be in a fetal position of a pity party.

Even though I was actively participating in my sabotage, it didn't occur to me that I was until I had a conversation with my husband where I told him about how terrible I was in business and I should get a regular job and quit. He looked at me and said, "Why do you think so little of yourself? You have such amazing ideas and so much potential but you are sabotaging yourself every time to plant those seeds of doubt."

That day shifted everything for me.. I realized that day that I was my own worst enemy, those pity parties I had was so detrimental, and I would not get anywhere if I continued to operate my life and business like this.

So I started to seek within and heal myself of the pain I inflicted, reprogram the way I saw myself, and seek out people who could help me heal. One of the people I gravitated towards on this journey was Lisa Nicholas. I watched her YouTube videos and read her books. She said something I felt with every molecule of my soul. Holding back tears she said, "I was willing to completely die to any form of me I have been so I can birth the woman that I was becoming." (Fast forward to 12 minutes)

I broke down and cried because I realized that I too had to die to my former self to birth the woman I wanted to become, have the thriving business that I desired, and live the life I envisioned.

I started working towards the goal of revamping my life and reinventing myself. One of the first steps I took was changing my business COMPLETELY. During the Spring of 2018, I got the idea of Travelopolis and I spent months re-branding my business, refining my message, and understanding my audience. But most importantly, I spent significant time changing my beliefs about business, investing in myself, and redefining my possibility.

What Travelopolis means to me is going after all the opportunities that I once talked myself out of, playing full out, and being afraid and doing it anyways. Travelopolis is embracing my creative nature and sharing my gifts and talents with the world. Travelopolis is celebrating the people around me and not being envious because I think they are better than me. Travelopolis is shooting my shot even if that means being turned down. Travelopolis is a brand that will be larger than me and will employ many black and brown people who have a strong desire to help people and make shit happen. Travelopolis will be everything I envision and then some more.

But most importantly, Travelopolis will be the brand that will touch thousands of people's lives and encourage them to get out of their own way so that too can birth the woman or man they are destined to be by using travel as the vehicle.

So when people ask me what happened to Khonsu Travel and why I changed the name, I will let them know that the person I was when I started Khonsu Travel is not the person I am today and I had to let that business die so I can birth the one I wanted.

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