Travel Documents: The Different Types and When to Use Them

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

No matter if you taking an extended cruise around the Caribbean or flying to Dubai, travel documents are needed. There are 3 travel document types: Passport Book, Passport Card, and Government Issued ID ie Driver's License or State ID and in this short crash course article. I will go over each of them.

Passport Book

A valid passport reigns over all three options. You can travel anywhere and by any means with it, even domestically. It is easy to get a passport. All you need is $145, patience & paperwork and it is yours. You can learn more about how to get a passport here Plus a passport is good for 10 years. So essentially you are paying $14.50/year to own one.

Passport Card

According to Internal Visa Service, a passport card is an inexpensive alternative to a passport book but it has stipulations. You can only use a passport card for cruises that begin and end on US soil (excluding cruises to Cuba), domestic flights, and land border-crossings from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda. But you cannot fly internationally with a Passport Card. Passport Cards are $65 and last for 10 years as well. You can learn more about a passport card here

Driver's License/State ID

A driver's License and State ID is can only be used for domestic flights. If you plan on taking a cruise, you will need an ID PLUS a birth certificate if you do not have a passport book.

If you taking a cruise and do not have a passport, you will need both a Driver's License and Birth Certificate.

I hope these quick tips are helpful! Travel often and live a full life,


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