The Best Nightclubs and Bars in Cabo

Cabos is one of those places that have it all. They have great nightlife, beautiful beaches, fun things to do, and more. But I want to focus on the nightlife in this blog post. From upscale nightclubs to fun dive bars, Cabos give you a little of everything to make your weekend LITT.

I want to share my favorite 4 places to party in Cabo

O Club

The O CLUB is a new concept for the nightlife of the city of Cabo San Lucas. The O is upscale, chic, and classy and makes it a great place to pop out and enjoy your evening. They have great bottle service, play the music that I actually listen to, and multiple floors giving it a plus in my book.

Señor Frogs

Senor Frog is a franchise nightclub chain that you can find all over the US and Mexico. Known for its conga lines, foot-long margaritas, Señor frogs is one of the world’s most notorious places to party.

Crush Nightspot

Crush Nightspot is a truly unique bar/nightclub in the heart of Cabo San Lucas. Crush is a true adult playground. Crush has a fun, comfortable atmosphere. Whether you are looking to have a drink at the bar, or top-notch bottle service, Crush Nightspot has it.

El Squid Roe

El Squid Roe is the largest dance hall in Cabo. Squid has three floors with five full bars, a full kitchen, private VIP areas, & more. The atmosphere is similar to a house party; with an MC to guide the crowd through the night and an environment that allows guests to feel free and alive.

You can visit all 4 of these night clubs with us at the All-Inclusive Party Bus Tour on the Weekend in Cabo. Did I mention all of your drinks, your VIP table, and welcome shots are included?! #Winning

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