Packing Guide For The Weekend in Cabos

Are you the type to rush and throw clothes into your luggage the night before hoping that you packed the right things for your trip? I use do the same thing and I always found myself forgetting something or packing too much. If you want to start packing the right things and stop forgetting important items to bring, please read on...

The first thing you want to do before you start packing is writing a list of everything your need for your trip. This list should include:

1. Outfits

I prefer to bring 2 outfits for each day I am on vacation. One is for daytime and the other is for nighttime. So if I am going on a 4day trip, I am packing 8 outfits.

2. Swimsuits & Cute Cover-Ups

For Cabos, we are taking over pool parties and yachting our way through the weekend. Bring a cute pink and neon swimsuit for our pool parties. You will not need a swimsuit for the yacht party because it's already included in the price. If you haven't already, book your yacht party before we sell out. Click HERE to secure your spot.

3. Shoes

Don't grab your cute sandals, a comfortable pair of gym shoes and your favorite heels. You will need water shoes if you are doing in watersports or yachting with us. Don't fret. We'll be selling water shoes at our service desk in Cabo.

4. 2 Portable Chargers

Word to the Yes, you need 2 portable chargers. You can use one while you are out and about and as soon as that one dies you have a backup charger waiting to be used.

5. PJs, Underthings, Towels Lotions and Personal Items

Word to the wise: Never assume that hotels have towels and toiletries. Just bring your own.

6. Sunscreen, Shades & Sunhat

Hunny your skin is beautiful and you should protect it.

7. Beach Bag/Small Sack

When you leave the resort or the cruise I recommend that you have a small bag that carries your items around instead of a purse because it can make you a target for thief or pick-pocketing

8. Antacid, Anti-Diarrheal, and Pain-Relievers

Trying all those unfamiliar foods and drinking can do a number on your tummy. Be prepared SIS

9. Memory Foam Neck Pillow and Throw Blanket from Walmart

For long flights, you want to be as comfortable as possible. If you like to nap on your flight like I do, you need to come prepared. A memory foam neck pillow and a throw blanket will have you KNOCKED OUT. OKKKKURRRR

Other items you may want to add to your packing list: bug spray, and anti bacterial wipes (NOT hand sanitizer).

Need some outfit inspiration? Check out our Pinterest boards and fall in love with our cute outfits inspo for your Cabo trip

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