How to Navigate through Customs with Ease

Are you like me and dread going through the airport? I cannot wait for an invention that can teleport me to my destination in 3 seconds. But until then, we have to deal with the airport and customs bustle.

Going through the airport can be stressful and irritating (that's why you need to pack your patience and then some). So, I want to tell you what to expect because if you know what will happen, you are better equipped to deal with it. 

Pro Tip for you: To ease your anxiety, take a deep breath and think about your trip. You are a step closer to enjoying your trip. 

Back to the tips: Here is what to expect when you arrive at the airport

Long Lines

Especially during peak season, there are long lines at the airport because everyone is trying to escape the cold just like you. It is good practice to always arrive at the airport 2-3 hour before your flight's departure time. 

Have Your Paperwork Ready

Have your boarding pass and passport at the ready. You can grab one of our passport holders to keep the important items separate and organize so you can focus on getting through the security line.


All liquids in your carry-on luggage need to be 100ml/3.4 ounces or less, and all bottles must fit into a one quart/ one-liter zip-top bag. 

Laptop and other electronics

If you are going to bring work on vacation, store your laptop where you can easily slide it out before going through the security line and easily put it away afterward. At some airports, the security officials will ask you to remove tablets, Kindles or other e-readers, and sometimes other electronics like external hard drives. 

Be prepared to take your shoes off

When you go through general customs, you have to take your shoes off. That floor is super gross and I highly recommend that you wear socks so your feet don't touch the ground. 

Once you get through customs, you are one step closer to your vacation. Enjoy!

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