How to Get the Most Out of Your Stay At The Riu Reggae

Updated: May 23, 2019

Doesn't that have just a nice ring to it? I love the Riu Reggae. This adult only all inclusive offer everything grown women and men need to have a great time. For example, no kid, PLENTTYY of drinks and activities to stay lubricated & LIT. What's more to ask for? Oh girl there's more! Here are 6 ways for you to get the most out of your stay at Riu Reggae

1. Try all (if not most ) of the restaurants & bars

Did you know there are over 15 restaurants and bars throughout the Riu Reggae, Riu Montego, and Riu Palace? There is a buffet style restaurant and specialty restaurants ranging from Asian to Italian and sprinkles of bars throughout the resort. If you can't try them all.. at least visit a few!

2. Visit neighboring hotels

Next door to the Riu Reggae is the Riu Montego Bay. If you every want a change in scenery, you can head over the Riu Montego Bay and take advantage of their beach, activities, and bars.

3. Take advantage of the hotel activities

The first thing most people think of when all inclusive resorts come to mind is food and alcohol. It's one of biggest pros to staying at these kinds of resorts, but there is so much more included in your stay. If you ONLY want to take advantage all you can eat and drink, you are not getting the best bang for your dollar. All inclusives like the Riu Reggae also offers a wide ranges of activities such as morning yoga sessions, beach volley ball, pool activities and parties and more.

4. Be your own mixologist

In each room, there is a liquor dispenser that has a vodka, rum, and tequila option and full stocked mini fridge. You already know. Grab some OJ and vodka and have a little cocktail before enjoying your day. Check our the Riu's video on their liquor dispenser

5. Experience room service

Did you know that 24 hour room service is included in your stay? YASS girl. So when you are hung over, tired from the night before, don't feel like leaving your room; just pick up the phone and make an order. They will deliver it right to your room.

6. The front desk is the plug

Want to catch a cab? Ask the front desk. You want to take a road less travel and need some advice? Ask the front desk. Need a massage because that Spirit flight put a few knots in your back. Ask the front desk. Whenever in doubt, ask the front desk. They know all and are very nice people.

If you find ways to to get the most out your hotel stay that I did not mention, send me an email at I would love to hear from you

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