Budget for Your Vacation with Ease

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

When I first started traveling, budgeting was always hard for me. I would either bring way too much money and spend it all or not bring enough and find myself always at the ATM. After a lot of trial and error, I created a simple trip budgeting system that I want to share with you.

One of the first things people ask me about budgeting is how much money should I bring for my trip. My 1st golden rule is to bring a minimum of $100 per day. Even though I may not spend $100 a day, I can use that money for:

- Cabs and Ubers

- Activities and Excursions

- Food & Drinks

- Souvenirs & shopping

- Spa Treatments

- In case of an emergency & etc

That way if I want to splurge on spa treatments or visit a nice restaurant, I have the budget for it.

My 2nd golden rule is to bring 50% of my budget on my debit/credit card and 50% in cash. This system works really well for me because it prevents me from overspending and I always have backup cash in case I need it.

What about ATM and exchanging currency you may ask? If you are staying at a resort or a cruise, there are ATMs that will issue foreign currency and there are currency exchange counters at the airport. If you are staying at AIRBNB or

Not sure what the exchange rate is for the country you are traveling to? Visit XE Currency to find out! Do note that currency value is constantly fluctuates and it's a good practice to check the currency rate before you leave for your trip.

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