6 Important Things You Need To Do Before Heading to the Airport

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

I love creating trips, but I also love helping my clients get prepared for them because your trip is only as good as how your prepare for it. When most people start preparing for their trip, the first things that come to mind is making a stop at their fave boutique to get some chic outfits, going to the nail salon, and getting that kitty waxed and polished. Trust me, I do the same.

But there are some not so cool, but hella important things you should add to your to do list before you hit airport.

1. Call Your Bank and Let Them Know You are Traveling

Get into the habit of calling your bank and letting them know you are traveling. It will appear as fraudulent activities that you are buying drinks in London when you live in Chicago. So call your bank in advance and let them know when and where you are traveling to so your bank won't block your transactions if you don't, especially if you have Chase (they don't play around).

2. Have the Post Office Hold Your Mail

Another good practice is to have the post office hold your mail while you are gone. The Post Office offers a mail hold service for a period of 3 to 30 days. You have the option of picking up the accumulated mail at your local post office or having your regular carrier deliver it to your address when the hold expires. No matter if you are an apartment dweller or not, you should have the post office hold you mail when you’re traveling because you don’t want anyone having access your mail or being welcomed back with an overflowing mailbox. You can learn more about how to have the post office hold your mail here

3. Pay Your Bills Beforehand

I had to learn this the hard way. I was traveling to Punta Cana and I had a large bill that I was procrastinating about paying. While I on vacation, the bill drafted and left my account in the negative for 7 days. Let’s just say I racked up A LOT of overdraft charges. I recommend that you take care of the bills that will draft the week of your vacation and the bills the following week or 2 so that when you arrive back home you are not worried about any upcoming bills for at least a week or so.

4. Make Arrangements in Your Absence

When I know I will be gone for a few days, I like to make arrangements in my absence such as, find someone to watch my pets, meal planning for those I’m leaving behind, and take care of client work. This may also include hiring and training a babysitter to watch the kiddies. This allows you to travel with ease because you took care of business before you had fun.

5. Check Your Baggage Fees

Paying baggage fees is the cost of traveling these days. Instead of waiting until check in to know your baggage fees, look into it now. Call if you have too. Some airlines allow for one free carry on bag(s), but all checked bags comes at a cost. Most check on bags range from $25-40 per bag.

6. Call Your Phone Provider and Get an International Plan

All phone providers have an international plans that you can use for a short or long term vacation so you can stay connected with your friends and family back home and not have a sky high phone bill when you return. Without an international phone plan, you could be spending anywhere between $1-3 per minute on an call and a simple 10 minute call can cost you as much as $30. I don't know about you, but I don't think a 10 minute call is worth it. So call your service provider and discuss your options.

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