5 Restaurants You Should Try in Montego Bay

I cannot mention foods you should try in Jamaica without sharing restaurants to get it. Jamiaca's a foodie paradise. From jerk meat to delicious and fresh seafood, Jamaica has it all. Here is a short list of restaurants you should try.

1. The Pelican Grill

Everyone in Montego Bay knows The Pelican Grill. The restaurant has been open for more than 50 years, making it a landmark in the city. Their specialties are, of course, Jamaican classics like stewed oxtail and a deep fried cassava flatbread called bammy.

The Pelican Grill, Gloucester Avenue Hip Strip, Montego Bay, Jamaica, +1(876) 952-3171

2. Scotchies

Diners watch their food being smoked and cut right in front of them. You pick your seat under one of the many covered patios surrounded by palm trees and colorful bougainvillea bushes. Enjoy your spicy meal with a local favorite, ginger beer.

Scotchies, Jarrett Street, Montego Bay, Jamaica, +1(876) 953-8041

3. The Pork Pit

The Pork Pit should not be overlooked. The restaurant worries less about appearance and more about the quality of their product. You won’t be served on a plate or have metal utensils—it’s Styrofoam containers and plastic at the Pork Pit. But what they lack in presentation is made up for in the tender, flavorful and succulent meat that always brings people back for more.

The Pork Pit, 27 Gloucester Ave, Miranda Hill, Montego Bay, Jamaica, +1(876) 952 1046

4. MVP Smokehouse

The restaurant is known for all things jerk, but they also cater to vegetarians and vegans. The menu is extensive, offering not only traditional Jamaican fare but reinvented international classics that still deliver the spice of the islands with every bite.

MVP Smokehouse, Bogue Road, Reading, St. James, Jamaica, +1(876)622-7198

5. Lobster Trapp

All of the lobster is kept alive in sea traps until you place your order. Then, it's grilled over pimento wood – the same method used when making that other Jamaican staple, jerk. This is a no-frills, family-run establishment, with top-quality, waterfront-fresh seafood at its best.

Lobster Trapp, Hopewell, Hanover Parish, Jamaica

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