3 Lit Bars & Nightclubs You Gotta Visit in Montego Bay

People are not lying when they say Jamaica is LIT AF. Montego Bay has a entire strip dedicated to nightlife: Hip Street where at during the day is filled with vendors selling souvenirs and at night the bars and nightclubs open up. If you are coming to Jamaica for the nightlife. You are reading the right blog.

Here are the 5 LIT bars and nightclub you should visit while in Montego Bay

1. Margaritaville

Margaritaville is a fun and exhilarating place to go with friends, family, or a significant other to enjoy great local and international food, drinks, and live entertainment in the heart of the Hip Strip. Margaritaville also has outdoor water activities, including a 120 foot water slide, two water trampolines, and water volleyball, which are only open during the day. At night Margaritaville turns into a night club party atmosphere with in-house DJ’s and special themed event nights, such as Bare As You Dare, Glow, and Ladies Night.

2. Pier 1

On Wednesday and Friday nights the pier comes alive as DJs and dance hall artists perform for the crowds who stay well into the morning drinking rum and Cokes the whole night through. Jamaicans love to dance and celebrate, and you’ll find plenty of that at Pier 1.

3. Blue Beat Ultra Lounge

Blue Beat Ultra Lounge is a more upscale and elegant Jazz and Martini bar located next door to Margaritaville on the Montego Bay harbor front, and is the first of its kind in Montego Bay. Blue Beat has live local bands, such as resident band, Scotch, and an in-house DJ; as well as special themed music nights, such as Copacabana Latin Flare and Saturday’s Guest List.

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