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You have this amazing vacation you want to take. You've made a Pinterest board for it, started following people who've been there, and you spend your spare time scrolling in travel facebook groups admiring people traveling to Cabo, Thailand, Ghana, and Barbados. You see yourself in these destinations. But you don't have the time nor the patience to research the resorts, contact tour companies, find a photographer, and organize the trip and handle payments for everyone in your travel party. 

You just want to pay, pack, show up, and enjoy yourself.


If this is you, you need someone who gets your travel needs, can book the perfect hotel to match your vibe, and can make the trip a seamless process from the time you book until you return.

What you need is a travel curator. 

As a travel curator, Kemi does not book trips. I carefully customize your travel experience to provide the amenities, activities, and accommodations you desire without having to do the painstaking research needed to bring your travel dreams to fruition.  

My services include but aren't limited to:

  • Travel suggestions based on what you want out of your trips (if you need help choosing a destination)

  • Researching your destination, weather patterns, and top activities to do

  • Curating vacation packages that match your wants and personality

  • Managing your travel groups process from registration process until returned from vacation 

  • Setting up travel portals for your guests  to view your payment history, balance, and receipts

  • Providing monthly travel preparations and payment reminder

  • Sending a Customer Care + Logistics team to travel with your group​ *if needed*

  • Arranging events, activities, and excursions to take your experience to new levels

  • Crafting travel swag bags items that will WOW your guest before they step on a plane

  • Assist with obtaining the necessary documents needed for your trip

The types of vacation we curate + Manage

It's important to note that we only assist with international destinations.

Girl Getaways

Celebratory Trips

Couple Vacation | Honeymoons

Group Trips (20 travelers or more)

Solo Trips

Reflective Getaways

The Hiring Process 

Want to hire us? Our hiring process was designed for clients to seamlessly go from their travel ideas to experience your dream vacation. 

Schedule Your consultation 

In order to learn more about your travel needs, you are required to schedule a time with Kemi, submit an intake form, and secure your consultation. It's important to note that there is a $25 deposit required to secure your consultation with Kemi. 

Discuss Your Trip

During your consultation call, we will review your intake form, discuss additional information, and your next steps. Once you agree to hire me as your travel curator, you are required to pay your service fee within 7 days of your intake call. If you are unable to pay for our service charge, we will decline to work with you.

Research, curate, and present

Once the service fee is successfully paid, we will begin the research process where we carefully create your vacation package. This process can take 14-21 business days depending on what you've requested. During this time, we will send progress reports to keep you updated. Once your vacation package is ready, we will schedule a time with you to review it from A-Z.  


Once you agree to the travel arrangements we curated for you, we will schedule a conference call to discuss the details with your travel party and a deposit due date. After everyone's deposits are collected, we will handle the rest. 

Service Fee 

In order to hire my service, you are required to pay a service charge. Our service cost is based on the number of travelers in a party, the trip request, and amenities, event planning needs (if needed), and if our customer care team needs to travel with your group. It's important to note that this service fee is non-refundable and non-transferable to a new vacation package. 

Groups under 20 travelers: Starting at $150 service fee + 10% of the total cost of the final vacation package. The 10% charge is not due until you confirm the final vacation package, not at the time of hiring us. This payment can be paid in full by you or divided equally among the travel party. 

Groups over 20 travelers: Starting at $225 service fee + 15% of the total cost of the final vacation package. The 15% charge is not due until you confirm the final vacation package, not at the time of hiring us. This payment can be paid in full by you or divided equally among the travel party. 

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