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meet Kemi

Hey there friend!

My name is Kemi Oshimokun (O-she-moe-koon) and I am the owner of Travelopolis. I contribute my love for all things international travel to my study abroad experiences in Morocco during my sophomore year of college.  With fear in one hand and a few thousand dollars in the other, I set off to Morroco to learn about Arabic, Middle Eastern culture and history. Many people persuaded me not to do it and warned me of the dangers of being a woman traveling alone to a Muslim majority country, but I did it anyway. This trip turned out to be my best LIFE and TRAVEL experience and sparked my love for traveling the world, learning about other cultures, and helping people do the same. 


As a travel professional, I take this passion into my work, crafting each experience around my clients' travel preferences and desires so that their trip is worth every penny. To date, I have serviced over 500 clients and helped them travel to places like South Africa, Ghana, Miami, Disney World and more and I hope I can help you travel somewhere cool too!